With chaos erupting all around us it is important that we take the time to listen to and educate non-Black parents, family members, friends, teachers ect.  who are raising or teaching Black children.  We are living in trying times and we understand that there are just some folks around us that don't see or choose not to acknowledge their privilege and the complexities of growing up Black in America.

This space is specifically designed for our BYLP LEAD to spend time in community answering questions, sharing resources, and being a listening ear to families in an effort to help them better understand their children, students or the Black Community in general.  If you have a desire to be heard and to listen to others as we navigate this space together - this support network is for you! We have decided tour first Book Club Book will be Ibram X. Kendi's "How To Be An Antiracist" - grab your book and meet us July 14, 2020.  Please join the network for the specific details.

Please contact us with your questions: baasn@bylp.org


BAASN Network Lead

Lisa Stanley

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510.969.BYLP (2957)

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