Calling ALL Mommas, Daddies, Aunties, Uncles, Big Mamas, Bonus Moms and Dads and Guardians!!! BPSN (Black Parent Support Network) is like a PTA but a little more militant.  We are  specifically focused on the advocacy and protections of Black children and their rights to be children in the education system and society as a whole. BPSN will work to support families as we teach them to support their children in the hostile education environment. We will no longer accept the direct/indirect mistreatment of Black children and will work together nationally to build a supportive net to undergird our babies who need us, and our parents who need a squad of other Black parents to have their back. We support the idea of divesting from the public education system due to the continuous harm done to Black children.

Mission:  To establish a strong network of Black parents who communicate, connect, insulate and recruit more Black parents into our ranks.  Our kids should not have to be resilient, they should be able to just be KIDS.

This network is FOR BLACK Parents (please connect with our BYLP Allies to Abolitionist Support Network (BAASN) if you do not meet the criteria list above)







Exquisitive Hundley

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P.O. Box 1763

Sacramento, CA 95812

510.969.BYLP (2957)

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