Food for the Culture (FFTC) is designed to teach students to embrace their cultural heritage foods, learn their health sustaining properties and how to prepare them in a variety of ways. While learning about foods from the diaspora we will discuss the connection that food has to the school to prison pipeline. We will discuss health disparities and students will learn how to advocate for their health. They will be given tools to empower them in the kitchen and beyond. Special emphasis will be placed on giving graduating seniors leaving home instruction on how to nourish themselves while away from home. 




  1. Learn basic cooking techniques/methods. Steam, Saute, Bake, Roast, Knife Skills, Food Safety, etc.

  2. Learn to identify food deserts, understand the terms food security, health disparities and how to get involved in changing the narrative in the community.

  3.  Learn how to use food as the main tool for health and wellness. 

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