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What is the Parent Ambassador Program?

Through the Parent Ambassador Program, parents will have the opportunity to use their leadership skills in support of improving local campuses by engaging educational policies and practices that benefit Black students. The program enhances the skills, knowledge, and confidence of parents necessary to create meaningful change in their schools and community. Parents will have the opportunity to impact K-12 educational policy relating to discipline and campus climate.

The overall objectives of the program are to:

  • Increase parent knowledge about local and state educational issues affecting Black children

  • Encourage and increase the civic involvement of parents of Black children in local and state education policy issues

  • Increase parent participation and visibility on local campuses

  • Help district solve the belongingness and campus climate concerns expressed by Black children 

  • Build the Village to support Black students by addressing issues they are experiencing on various campuses 

What is the level of commitment to participate in the Parent Ambassador Program?

  • Attend a one day orientation

  • Participate in four training sessions

  • Minimum 5 hours a month

The benefits of being a Parent Ambassador include:

  • Development of leadership and advocacy skills in a small group setting

  • Opportunities to be engaged state and district-wide advocacy 

  • Increased knowledge about current education policy and issues

  • Ability to serve students and impact their educational experience positively

  • Build relationships with like-minded individuals

Parent Ambassadors must be:

  • Community oriented with a commitment to providing service to others

  • Able to communicate orally and in writing with other parents, School Board Members and District Representatives to relay concerns and proposed solutions 

  • Willing to recruit other parents/guardians to build the team

  • Be available five hours per month at school site

  • Attend evening and weekend trainings and meetings including;

    • Monthly Parent Ambassador meeting 

    • Parent Educational Rights Workshop

    • Advocacy 101 Workshop

    • How to Speak in a School Board Setting

    • Developing a safety net for our children

    • Adverse Childhood Experiences

    • Youth Mental Health First Aid

    • Arbinger & PBIS: What is Really Going On on Our Campuses?

Role & Responsibilities of the Parent Ambassador

  • To work with staff, administration and parents in the school

  • To lead and build the capacity of other parents and guardians

  • To implement and promote health access activities at school sites that link families to services

  • To share parent engagement experiences at school sites, including successes and recommendations for improvement

  • Attend Ambassador leadership/advocacy training and meetings

  • Be Present at existing school site parent meetings to promote district initiatives, programs, and services

  • Be available five hours per month at the school site

The BYLP Parent Ambassador Program is now recruiting Parents!!


tara martin

 Parent coordinator

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