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October Newsletter

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

We serve intentionally in ways that our students and teachers need us to. We care about Black students and refuse to allow them to be targeted or mistreated. We are your UNAPOLOGETIC support system!! We lead with love & purpose. Our unique approach fused with common sense, honesty, empathy and policy experience makes us a force in any space we come into.

Check out what we have been up to...

Last month we had the opportunity to travel to Sonoma State to attend the Youth Summit put on by The Sonoma County Black Forum and Sonoma State’s Black Student Union. There were several workshops to choose from including; Know your Rights (Community/Police Relations), Financial Literacy, Computer Coding and Using Your Voice (Advocacy 101).

We came, we saw and we conquered.



We've received 5 complaints this month including 1 from San Bernardino County!!!  We will continue to work out front and behind the scenes to advocate for Black student issues and make sure they are kept in the forefront. We aim to provide a support network for students, families and teachers in need of one. We can only be as effective as families allow us to be. It is the responsibility of each family to be involved in mitigating the issues their students are having.

Here is our process:

STEP ONE: Fill out  Complaint form

STEP TWO: Send an email to your child's Principal (cc:, the VP assigned to the student and the Superintendent of the District) to give them permission to speak with your advocate from BYLP The Village.

STEP THREE: Meet with your assigned advocate to go over your complaint.

(Bring/email related information; i.e. behavioral reports, email correspondence, videos etc.)

STEP FOUR: Plan to attend and speak at the next scheduled Board meeting to put your issue on record.  This is an important step that cannot be ignored. STOP SUFFERING IN SILENCE.

STEP FIVE:  Keep us abreast of all scheduled meetings so that we may attend with you in person or via phone/video conference.


Defiant or Depressed? Working with Black Girls in the School Setting

By Kaela Farrise, CEI Intern

Because children spend more time with teachers and other school personnel during a typical school year than almost anyone else, teachers have a huge opportunity to lift students up. Teachers can also have a negative impact on students’ overall development because of their own unaddressed biases and assumptions. Read more....

If you find yourself struggling with an issue please don't hold it in. Many of our volunteers are trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid. If we cannot help you, we have access to those who can. WE CARE AND ARE HERE FOR YOU!


Though much of its history was eclipsed by the explosiveness of the 1960s, the essential role the nation’s historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) played in shaping black life, creating a black middle class and dismantling segregation cannot be overstated.



Wanna Be a BYLP Student Ambassador?

BYLP Student Ambassadors are students who are well-respected, successful academically, and demonstrate leadership characteristics within the school setting.  They are a group of students who are given support in the development of leadership, organization, communication, public speaking, and problem solving skills as they serve to combat the negative stereotypes often used to describe Black students. Apply HERE

Now Recruiting

Parent Ambassadors!!

Parent Ambassadors are and extension of the support system BYLP offers to the community as a whole.  An Army of organized, dedicated and concerned adults that seek to protect our children by offering their presence and voice where its most needed in our school system. The only way to make changes is to have numbers, be consistent and available to do the work. Let's GO!!!

Apply HERE





G.O.A.T. will happen this month at our NEW LOCATION ** COSUMNES RIVER COLLEGE Room BS-113**!! New location, with the same goal of making sure our students are prepared to be successful this year and beyond. Our special guest this month is the phenomenal Dr. Alan Rowe of UCAN. Come VIBE with your TRIBE and have fun in a supportive environment where the family feel reigns supreme!! Campus parking fee is $2. RSVP HERE

HAWK Institute is a leadership academy for young men and women designed to ensure they prosper academically personally & economically. Upcoming dates can be found on attached flier.

Do you ever wonder where you fit in politically locally, state-wise & federally? ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) around the country are getting on code (uniting) and looking to address systemic ails with a specific Black agenda.

For more information:

Co-Founders of ADOS: Yvette Carnell & Antonio Moore

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