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student AMBASSADOR program (sap)

What is a BYLP Student Ambassador?

BYLP Student Ambassadors are students who are well-respected, successful academically, and demonstrate leadership characteristics within the school setting.  They are a group of students who are given support in the development of leadership, organization, communication, public speaking, and problem solving skills as they serve to combat the negative stereotypes often used to describe Black students.


Responsibilities of BYLP Student Ambassadors:

  • Positively reflect the BYLP student body

  • Act as an Ambassador to prospective BYLP students and families

  • Assist and recruit future Student Ambassadors

  • Spread the word and recruit for various BYLP programs

  • Participate in service projects (i.e. Movie screenings, BYLP Black Grad)

  • Attend BYLP G.O.A.T. Monthly Meet-ups every 3rd Saturday

  • If there is an extreme behavioral situation, the BYLP staff will determine if removal from the Ambassador Program is necessary



  • Develop leadership skills to use now and in preparation for college and beyond

  • Amplify communication and public speaking skills as well as improve interpersonal and conversational skills

  • Enhance confidence to speak to and in front of anyone

  • Sharpen problem solving skills

  • Make a positive impact of current and future BYLP students and peers



  • Attend all Student Ambassador Meetings once set by the Student Ambassador Officers

  • Apply and attend at least 1 other BYLP Program during the year (i.e. Bootcamp, Legislative Open House)

  • Show up and speak at a minimum of 4 school board meetings (sign off required)



  • Complete application

  • Maintain 2.0 or better in all classes. If grade(s) drop, then the student will be asked to meet with the BYLP staff to determine what supports are needed to improve grades

  • Strong work ethic and ability to handle responsibility

  • Ability to follow directions

  • Enthusiastic and willing to learn

  • Willingness to develop and improve communication and marketing skills

  • A desire to help BYLP and grow BYLP’s positive profile and reputation


Student Ambassador Service Term:

  • Students will serve for one school year. After a review of commitment, your grades, and BYLP staff feedback, Ambassadors may be invited to serve for an additional year.

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