BGSN provides access to a strong network of Black women who can walk with girls & young women as they navigate the world around them. These mentors understand the challenges of being Black girls and have navigated the expectation to dim our brilliance for others' comfort. BGSN supports Black girls' social and emotional needs through a non-clinical lens. Mentors are not psychologists, rather sounding boards with shared experiences. Open, non-judgmental relationships are at the core of what we do.

BGSN creates a safe environment for Black girls to have thought-provoking conversations and support each other. BGSN also provides civic education and civic engagement training that can assist with helping Black girls work through traumatizing events with the input of relatable and successful Black women mentors. Through our program, Black girls improve a wide range of skills, including critical thinking, writing, public speaking, persuasive speech, cognitive development, and positive social interaction.