With chaos erupting all around us Black girls are experiencing a myriad of emotions including anger, uncertainty, fear and anxiety.  We live in a world that consistently reinforces that Black bodies are not valued. This network of consistent Black women who are willing and available to pour into the lives of these young ladies virtually, in person and through specific programming.

Mission:  Our mission is to establish a strong network of black women who can walk with these girls & young women as they navigate the world around them.


The BGSN is made up of a group of Black women invested in supporting the social and emotional needs of black girls through a non clinical lens.  We aren't psychologists, rather a sounding board with shared experiences. We understand what the challenges of being Black girls and how we are expected to dim our shine for the comfort of others. Open, non judgmental relationships will be at the core of what we aim to do and we realize we are exactly who we have been waiting for. 

Please contact us with your questions: bgsn@bylp.org

BGSN Network Lead

Jayda Preyer

Contact Us

P.O. Box 1763

Sacramento, CA 95812


510.969.BYLP (2957)

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