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BYLP Advocacy refers to the advocacy arm of the Black Youth Leadership Project (BYLP). It was established in 2018 to assist families in addressing various issues faced by Black students in schools, such as racism, teacher targeting, and biased implementation/enforcement of policies and supporting families with IEP or 504 plans. The primary focus of BYLP Advocacy is to work towards resolving these issues while supporting and restoring the affected students.

The organization specializes in mediation and crisis response, including crisis support. While we are not assigned to specific school campuses for advocacy needs, we aim to build relationships across districts and advocate for a fair and just environment for Black students. BYLP believes that children deserve a team of support surrounding them, which includes the community and families.


If someone has a complaint regarding racial harassment or discrimination on a school campus and requires advocacy support, BYLP Advocacy offers to listen, support, and work with them to address the issues. To initiate the process, individuals are instructed to fill out BYLP Advocacy's complaint form and send an email to the specific school principal, copying the designated representatives from BYLP Advocacy. This gives permission for the advocates to engage with the school regarding the incident. Once all relevant information is received, a meeting will be scheduled with the child's school to attempt to resolve the issue. Additionally, it is encouraged for the complainant to attend and speak at the next scheduled Board meeting to put the issue on record.

It is emphasized that meetings or phone calls with district personnel should not be conducted without an advocate present. BYLP Advocacy aims to assist families by working alongside them and expects timely provision of all pertinent information.

It's important to note that BYLP Advocacy provides its services without requesting compensation and may not always be available during crises. However, we strive to reach out within 48 hours of receiving a completed complaint form.

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