A Black Graduation Celebration validates the accomplishments of Black students, presenting them before the community to be acknowledged for their perseverance and allows the community to come together in a display of love, unity and support. Our graduation ceremony may be the only graduation that some of our students will participate in or be recognized for an important milestone.

A prom event for our Black students to connect and experience an age old tradition in a new exciting way.

bylp advocacy servicesTM

If you or someone you know has a complaint regarding an incident of racial harassment or discrimination on a school campus and are in need of advocacy support/assistance, we got you!! BYLP is here to listen, support and work with you to solve issues: 

Student/Parent Complaint Form.

Food for the culture w/ Chef Liesha

This series is designed to teach students to embrace their cultural heritage foods, learn their health sustaining properties and how to prepare them in a variety of ways. While learning about foods from the diaspora we will discuss the connection that food has to the school to prison pipeline. We will discuss health disparities and students will learn how to advocate for their health. They will be given tools to empower them in the kitchen and beyond. Special emphasis will be placed on giving graduating seniors leaving home instruction on how to nourish themselves while away from home.


Created and facilitated by Master Teacher Cherina Shaw, this monthly meet up (every 3rd Saturday) is focused on keeping students organized, building the tools to help students  to analyze their transcripts, making sure students are taking the right classes to achieve their future goals.

legislative open house

The Legislative Open House (LOH) is BYLP’s flagship civic engagement program and has anchored the organization since 1999.  The LOH provides students with an opportunity to become legislators for a day and learn about the legislative process by holding mock-committee hearings and mock-floors sessions in the committee rooms and chambers of California’s Legislative Houses.  During the LOH, BYLP also hosts the Next Level Luncheon, for student participants, volunteers, and sponsors, where they hear from special guests, including elected officials, inspirational speakers, professional athletes and local, state, and national representatives.


Created in collaboration with Jewell Jones (District 11), the youngest State Representative in Michigan history,  The Social Justice Bootcamp is a 5 day day-camp presented FREE of charge that covers many aspects of the social justice movement. From defining the difference between activists and advocates, looking into the criminal justice system, in depth look at Black history, the history of music during the Civil Rights Era to now , exploring how to use our voices effectively & the impact of social media. #BYLPJusticeLeague

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