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legislative open house

The Legislative Open House (LOH) is BYLP’s flagship civic engagement program and has anchored the organization since 1999.  The LOH provides students with an opportunity to become legislators for a day and learn about the legislative process by holding mock-committee hearings and mock-floors sessions in the committee rooms and chambers of California’s Legislative Houses.  During the LOH, BYLP also hosts the Next Level Luncheon, for student participants, volunteers, and sponsors, where they hear from special guests, including local, state and national elected officials, inspirational speakers, professional athletes and more.


Created and facilitated by Master Teacher Cherina Shaw, this program is focused on keeping students organized, building the tools to help students analyze their transcripts, and making sure students are taking the right classes to achieve their future goals.


GOAT PREP is a referral based intervention support for our middle school students who are struggling academically and socially. Students may be referred by Administrators, teachers and/or parents. Students will become a part of a specialized BYLP case management system where BYLP staff work with students one-on-one to address concerns their parents/guardians and school officials. If you know a student who could use this unique support, please refer them by clicking the button below.

student media program 

BYLP is looking for you. Do you have a face for the camera? A knack for writing? Can you adjust to a quick pace environment? Do you create content on your phone? If you answered yes to any of these questions here's your chance to show us what you got! BYLP is looking for On Camera Talent, Producers, Directors, Editors, and Writers to be a part of our Media Team. Go to to submit your application or apply to schedule an in person audition.   

Youth peer mentor program (YPMP) mindfulness based substance abuse treatment for adolescents (MBSAT)

The Youth Peer Mentor Program (YPMP) seeks to address California’s substance use crisis by providing substance use education and expansive experiences to young adults across California (with a focus on transition age and justice system-impacted youth). This 12 week program will be administered on Friday evenings ages 14-26 welcome. 

BYLP program enrollment Forms

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