bylp advocacy servicesTM

In 2018, BYLP established an advocacy arm in to help families address a myriad of issues like racism, teacher targeting, and bias implementation/enforcement of policies on the books that resulted in unfair suspensions, expulsions and arrests of Black students across school campuses.  We specialize in CRISIS RESPONSE including CRISIS SUPPORT but are not assigned to any specific campuses.   Our first priority is centered around working to address the issue as we restore the student. We see the value of forging relationships across Districts as we advocate for a more fair and just environment for Black students.  


In EGUSD we assisted in crafting Administrative Regulations and Board Policies relating to Discipline including Questioning and Apprehension by Law Enforcement.  Additionally, we advocated to add ourselves to the hiring panel for new School Resource Officers in EGUSD who refused to dismantle their program.  We realize we cannot do the work alone.  We believe children deserve to have a team surrounding them.  That means community and most important families are a vital part of insuring the issues are mitigated effectively. 

If you or someone you know has a complaint regarding an incident of racial harassment or discrimination on a school campus and are in need of advocacy support/assistance, we got you!! BYLP is here to listen, support and work with you to solve issues. 

Student/Parent Complaint Form.


Created and facilitated by Master Teacher Cherina Shaw, this monthly meet up (every 3rd Saturday) is focused on keeping students organized, building the tools to help students  to analyze their transcripts, making sure students are taking the right classes to achieve their future goals.

legislative open house

The Legislative Open House (LOH) is BYLP’s flagship civic engagement program and has anchored the organization since 1999.  The LOH provides students with an opportunity to become legislators for a day and learn about the legislative process by holding mock-committee hearings and mock-floors sessions in the committee rooms and chambers of California’s Legislative Houses.  During the LOH, BYLP also hosts the Next Level Luncheon, for student participants, volunteers, and sponsors, where they hear from special guests, including elected officials, inspirational speakers, professional athletes and local, state, and national representatives.


Created in collaboration with Jewell Jones (District 11), the youngest State Representative in Michigan history,  The Social Justice Bootcamp is a 5 day day-camp presented FREE of charge that covers many aspects of the social justice movement. From defining the difference between activists and advocates, looking into the criminal justice system, in depth look at Black history, the history of music during the Civil Rights Era to now , exploring how to use our voices effectively & the impact of social media. #BYLPJusticeLeague

Summer internship program

Created to make sure students had opportunities to learn marketable skills, BYLP officially established our internship program in April 2020.  During the summer months students learn to edit videos, social media marketing techniques, teamwork, general advocacy skills, office etiquette and so much more, in a supportive/collaborative environment.