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The Black Youth Leadership Project (BYLP) and the CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation are partnering through Continuity Consulting to provide the Youth Peer Mentor Program (YPMP) MBSAT (Mindfulness-Based Substance Abuse Treatment) for participants aged 12-26. This program aims to address the substance abuse epidemic in Sacramento County and beyond, with a particular focus on transition age and justice system-impacted youth.

The YPMP has several objectives in addressing California's substance use crisis:

Providing substance use education and diverse experiences to young adults throughout California: The program aims to educate participants about substance abuse, its consequences, and alternative ways to cope with challenges. By exposing young adults to a wide range of experiences, the YPMP aims to broaden their perspectives and empower them to make informed choices regarding substance use.

Facilitating entry into the substance use disorder treatment field: The YPMP recognizes the value of individuals with lived experience in the substance use disorder treatment field. By offering mentorship and support, the program seeks to help those individuals develop the necessary skills and knowledge to enter this field and make a positive impact.

Building capacity through community partnerships: The YPMP acknowledges the importance of collaboration and community engagement in addressing substance abuse. By partnering with various community organizations and stakeholders, the program aims to strengthen its reach and effectiveness. This includes utilizing mindfulness practices, such as meditation, breathing exercises, open honest dialogue, vulnerability, and creating a safe environment for participants.

By implementing the YPMP MBSAT and fostering a supportive community environment, the Black Youth Leadership Project and their partners hope to contribute to the overall efforts to combat substance abuse and create a healthier future for young individuals in Sacramento County.
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