Support Networks

We have an obligation to serve our community in any capacity that we can. We are intentional in the methods we deploy and are unapologetic about creating safe spaces for Black children.  We love our community and believe that Black children need places where they are seen, valued, loved and accepted.  We will continue to create spaces where their creativity is encouraged and promoted.  We know that we can change outcomes if we invest our time and resources into allowing Black children to grow up in stress and judgment free environments. We will continue to serve as the barrier between adults who seek to harm our children including school districts that don't see their brilliance.  We will protect them whether we are advocating at their schools, providing an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on.  This is BYLP's commitment.


Our support networks and groups were developed intentionally with you in mind. 

There is a space for everyone.  Check them out!

Intentional community Building (2).png