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Greetings Fam,

2022 is HERE.  Let us be mindful of how we intentionally show our love and gratitude.  BYLP has many changes coming this year. We will be adding more opportunities to connect in person and work with school districts on how they learn to serve Black children too. As tax paying members of communities we deserve to have equitable resources, opportunities and in schools our children deserve equitable discipline. 

We LOVE our community and will never turn a family in need away regardless of their ethnicity. Although we are intentional about our support of Black children, all are welcomed here.

In Community,

Lorreen R. Pryor
Lorreen R. Pryor

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BYLP achieves its goals with the assistance of generous donations from individual & corporate donors from our community. Without community support, serving Black youth in California would not be possible.

Thank you for your continued investment.

Got an issue?
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If you or someone you know has a complaint regarding an incident of racial harassment or discrimination on a school campus/educational facility and find yourself in need of advocacy support/assistance, we got you!!


BYLP is here to listen, support and work with you to solve issues.

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