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GOAT PREP is a comprehensive support-based intervention program offered by the Black Youth Leadership Projects (BYLP) organization. It is specifically designed for middle school students who are experiencing academic and social challenges. The acronym "GOAT" represents the program's core principles: Goals, Organization, Autonomy, and Trajectory.

This referral-based program welcomes students who have been referred by administrators, teachers, and parents, indicating that they require additional assistance. Upon referral, students are integrated into the specialized BYLP case management system. Here, dedicated BYLP staff members work closely with students on an individual basis, aiming to address the concerns raised by their parents, guardians, and school officials.

GOAT PREP focuses on tackling the issue of disproportionate discipline rates that affect black students, emphasizing restorative practices. By adopting this approach, the program seeks to create a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters growth, resilience, and positive behavioral change.

In addition to academic support, GOAT PREP recognizes the importance of mentorship. Mentors play a significant role in the program, providing guidance, encouragement, and support to the students as they navigate their educational journey.

If you are aware of a student who could benefit from the unique support offered by GOAT PREP, you are encouraged to refer them by clicking the designated button. By doing so, you can help connect the student to a program that addresses their specific needs and supports their academic and social development.
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