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What is a G.O.A.T.?  


Goals, Organization, Applications & Transcripts (GOAT) is a holistic college and life predatory, intervention and acceleration program designed with head and heart.   We hold space to support and uplift youth with the whole person in mind. GOAT participants graduate with the essential tools for success in not only academics but self-care, business, personal development, and mental health. 
G.O.A.T was created in the winter of 2018 when we noticed many of our academically high-caliber students were being systematically ignored by their high school counselors; as such, students were not being academically or organizationally prepared for college or life beyond high school. Upon further inspection, it became evident that this lack of attention and preparedness was consistent among Black students, and Black students, regardless of class standing, were being underserved. This failure was causing students to be ill-prepared to apply to college resulting in fewer acceptance options and scholarships and more debt, anxiety, and frustration.  


G.O.A.T. encourages students to:
Find their voice and learn to amplify it.
Find their leadership style.
Gain organizational tools and skillsets.
Discuss goal setting and create a life map.
Analyze and teach students & parents how to monitor student schedules and transcripts to ensure that students are on track to meet their future goals.
Expose students and families to current, historical, and cultural information of importance.
Be prepared to be admitted to top-level universities and colleges. 
Understand what courses, extracurricular activities are ideal for admissions to universities. 
Understand traditional and nontraditional academic options
Create a network and utilize support systems
Understand financial literacy
Undergo resource assessments and understanding available and perspective resources 
Acquire personal organization skills
Acquire a solutions-oriented mindset
Apply goal attainment strategies, level 10 life strategies 
Refine public speaking skills
Complete self and community advocacy training
Create a personalized professional portfolio in paper and digital formats. 
Create a refined resume or curriculum vitae
Create a debt-free/limited debt college plan. 
Gain exposure to local, state, national, international, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities as viable college options. 
Learn work-life balance with prioritization of self-care, mental health, and academic success
Apply mindfulness, centering, and personal regulation techniques to maintain a healthy, positive mental state
Create a community service project, so they may be the change they wish to see 
Vibe with your tribe, and have fun.
Academic Standard: 
We hold students to substantial academic standards; students who fall below standard are not dismissed from G.O.A.T but are brought closer and highly encouraged to accept additional support as needed on a student by student basis. 
Student Academic Expectations:
Maintain 3.0 Minimum GPA 
Recommended High School Course-load Minimums
2 years of LABORATORY sciences
4 years of Mathematics
Minimum course of Algebra II or Integrated Math III
4 years of CP, AP, or Honors English
3 years of Foreign Language 
Dual Enrollment by Junior year
At least 1 dual enrollment course, preferably in Foundational English.
Grade submissions at midterm and the end of the semester 
Grades 9-12  Transcripts, not report cards, are to be submitted at the conclusion of every semester. 
Complete a minimum of 50 hours of community service hours per year.

G.O.A.T Goals and Outcomes: 
As a program, we strive to
Increase the number of Black students sustainably enrolled in 4-year college after high school with limited debt.
Support students in goal setting and potential career choices 
Expose students to successful role models and college experiences who reflect the diversity of the Black experience 
Help students create a debt-free or limited debt college plan.
Be flexible to meet the needs of our youth
Provide awareness of academic intervention options before the student has long term impacts 
Inform parents and students about traditional and nontraditional K-12 educational options
Provide college preparation coaching 
Prioritize self-care and mental health in balance with academic, community, and social expectations. 

G.O.A.T Programming Goals: 
California Colleges tours 
HBCU College tour
College fair attendance 

G.O.A.T will provide:

Embedded support to other BYLP network programs

Monthly meetings 

Social media dedicated support space  (Facebook group) and Google classroom 

Quarterly parent/community  information and training sessions 
College Application Workshops 
FAFSA and Financial Aid workshops 
Dual enrollment workshops 


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