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Virtual social justice bootcamp 2021

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This FREE 3 day long Virtual Bootcamp will immerse students in social justice issues and specifically encourage them to use their voice to self advocate. We want to provide students with an opportunity to learn in a safe encouraging environment that centers their specific experiences. Through informative and interactive workshops, culminating in a group project, students will improve their critical thinking and communication skills, and learn to work together as they study the social justice movement to reform the educational system for Black students.   In addition, students will have an opportunity throughout the week to discuss other societal conditions that affect their educational experience in their respective communities and the broader Black community in California and the nation.

Major Program Goals 

Learn how to effectively use their voice (ability to speak) to communicate their concerns

  • Achieved by understanding why it’s important to use their voice (what’s at stake if they don’t) 

  • Understand the Three PsPlayers, Process, and the Policies

Have confidence using their voice 

  • Achieved by knowing the law, policies on the books

  • Understanding their rights (as students, as parents) & being empowered to act 


Establish relationships with people who can inspire them, help them get where they want to go.

  • Get parents on the same page

  • Reinforce the support networks so they can access people who care.

Skills to Build/Enhance
Critical Thinking
Public Speaking 
Reading Comprehension

Why is this Bootcamp Important? 

  • The Public Education System is failing Black Students in California and Nationwide

  • Achievement Gap 

  • Disproportionate Discipline 

  • School to Prison Pipeline

  • Underfunded schools

In order to address these issues and change outcomes, it’s important to understand who makes the decisions, how the decisions are made, and when they’re made. It’s also important because you need to know who to hold accountable for how Black children are educated and treated by the educational system.


Student Eligibility Requirements
•    Must commit to attending scheduled sessions for ALL THREE days. 
•    Open enrollment  (Nationwide) 

*Program is specific to Black students but all are welcomed

Day 1: july 27, 2021

Jayda & Saryah  FD (2).png
Lorreen Pryor FD (2).png
Sharie Wilson FD (1).png
Cherina Shaw FD (1).png

Day 2: July 28, 2021

Candace Walls FD.png

Why Mental Health Matters for the Black Community

Chris Lodgson FD.png
Chef Liesha FD.png
Berry Accius FD.png

Day 3: July 29, 2021

Lisa Stanley FD (1).png

Strong Body. Strong Mind.

Sandie Burgess FD.png

Be Bothered.

Donald Hicks FD.png

Being Black in Corporate America.

BSBA Salena & Lina FD (1).png
Darryl White FD.png

The Role Racism Plays in the Education of Our Children.

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